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This is a temporary page.  It shows a small sample of the instruments that I have built.  I don’t do custom work, but I do offer what I have made for sale.  To contact me regarding anything on this page or my current project, e-mail: bergmatt@yahoo.com.


Current Inventory:


SUN-MOON-STARS:  $299 + shipping

DAdd  37”long 2” deep 7.75” major bout  6.5” minor bout



Although the upper bout is larger on one side then the other, this is a rich sounding instrument.  The size may put it in the baritone dulcimer class, but it is tuned Dadd

TEARDROP BASS:  $199 + shipping

DAd  40” long 7.5” wide  1.875” deep


Three string bass tuned to DAd.  I chose to keep standard tuning so that any dulcimer player could easily pick it up.  If you want to add a bass voice to your jam, or want to start playing backup to those guitar players in your group, this is your instrument.



DOUBLE STAR (Used):  $129 + shipping

DAdd   33.5” long  1.75” deep  7”major bout  6.5” minor bout


Featuring 1+ 6+ 7+ 13+ frets, this instrument is built with no internal bracing to be as light as possible.  This gives the instrument a much longer sustain. 



All instruments made of solid wood, no laminates.  My primary woods are long grain pine and red oak.




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